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The Audacity of Truth

From terrorist attacks to anti-patriotism in our classrooms and beyond, the United States of America is under attack from all fronts.


We are quickly losing our identity as Americans, and the American dream has become an American nightmare for many.


Just look around.


Child pornography is everywhere, filth permeates television airwaves, the homosexual and feminist movements have forced legislation for the legalization of marriage between gays and lesbians, and abortion and divorce are commonplace.


Meanwhile, rebellious and obnoxious youth are everywhere, violence is constant, and our national and local governments are dysfunctional.


Our health care system is also a mess: We are a fat, irresponsible, and a sick nation. We have neglected our health and abused our bodies. We are continuously and carelessly exhausting those systems designed to care for us, and the ramifications are taking a serious toll.


It is time to seek real solutions to the problems that plague us with the insights in The Audacity of Truth.


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